Complaint Redressal

Achieve a high level of customer retention!

Active complaint management is the key to customer retention. Proactive complaint management leads to improved customer satisfaction, resulting in high level of Customer Retention. Tracking all the customer complaints/escalations and responding to the same proactively, helps in winning customer confidence.

Realizing this fact, that the cost of retaining a customer is much less than the cost of acquiring one, most of the businesses have started giving heightened importance to pro-active complaints and queries management.

With Eazy CRM, Get a complete view of all your customer complaints and manage them confidently & decisively. It is a comprehensive tool for logging, tracking, resolving and management of customer complaints. It equips your organization with an active complaint management system, which helps you pro-actively look into as well as resolve customer escalations.

To make sure that you get a complete view of your escalation pipeline, you primarily need to enter the customer escalation in Eazy CRM.