Lead Manager

Get a clear understanding of your deal pipeline!

Track and close your Deals in Less Time!

No matter what product or service a business offers, sale is the life line of any business. It is an activity which brings in direct revenue and helps business grow. Lead management, also referred to as Customer Acquisition Management is one of the most important function of a marketing department. Active Lead management gives a clear picture of the new as well as in-process leads. It is the bases for the vital processes like sales and customer relationship management.

Leads are like scattered balloons under an open sky!

Most businesses put in lots of marketing efforts to create sales leads. However, after spending a reasonable amount of time and effort in generating new leads, they sometimes end up losing the same.

So how do you ensure the lead is followed up, tracked and managed efficiently?

To make sure you don't lose out control over them, proper monitoring & tracking of the leads is an essential task. Eazy CRM helps in tracking vital information regarding lead status, previous conversations with the clients, etc, enabling you assign the same to the right person and conduct follow-ups in time. It keeps a complete track of your sales leads from the beginning till their conversion, ensuring you miss out on none!

Eazy CRM Lead Filter

It provides an organized way to respond, track and process incoming enquires. It ensures that the leads fall through the lead filter, segregating the enquiries in qualitative aspects and forwarding your business only those leads on priority that maximizes every conversion opportunity.

How to create leads in Eazy CRM