Eazy CRM V2.0

Eazy CRM V2.0 has been LAUNCHED

Eazy CRM V2.0 "Making the existing even more Potent & Interesting!"

Eazy CRM V2.0 comes with a lot of new and exciting features that help you grab the marketing opportunities even more effectively. These new set of features are added with the intent of making the CRM Software Interface more fun to work on, interactive and potential. With it, users have better opportunities to spread the spectrum of their marketing activities, correspondingly track the marketing efforts and draw better results.

Powerful Feature:

Plan, Initiate & Manage Your Marketing Campaigns Effectively

With Eazy CRM V2.0 now you have the power to create, schedule and shoot the Marketing Campaigns even more effectively. It gives you an option of Bulk Emailing, from where you can initiate Bulk Emailing Campaigns and reach out a large number of prospective customers instantly. Later it also enables you track responses against the Marketing Campaigns, measure their effectiveness in an efficient manner, and extract most out of your marketing efforts.

Effective Reimbursement Tracking & Disbursement

Don't let unnecessary reimbursements erode your operational budgets!

Organizations having large employee base suffers the most from this problem, as tracking each and every employee's reimbursement details properly is not an easy task. Although it is equally essential at the same point of time as it helps in avoiding baseless reimbursement disbursals. Eazy CRM V2.0 helps organizations get through all these challenges successfully, it accurately tracks and records the complete reimbursement details of all the employees, disburses actual reimbursements and reflects direct savings in your operational expenses.

Continuously Track & Monitor Your Subordinate's Performance

Eazy CRM V2.0 comes with an even more powerful performance tracking feature that constantly keeps a track on the subordinate performance levels and provides details regarding the same, to the reporting authority, at the prescribed time intervals. Its Lead Escalation and Notification System enables you define the performance measuring criteria based on which it constantly monitors the employee performance and in case of any underperformance notifies you instantly through Email & SMS.

View Lead Priority Levels & Reassign Leads Accordingly

Based on the lead priority and other lead criteria, now you can directly transfer the existing leads among your subordinated. The leads can be easily reassigned to one person from another and in case of high lead conversion possibilities; a lead can be directly taken over by the reporting authority.

Intelligent Contact Importer

Now you can make your Contact Importer think before it imports!

Eazy CRM V2.0 Contact Center gives you an option to define new contact fields and lets the Contact Importer import the specific contact details (that you want to import from an external contact database) in a proper sequential order, thereby making sure that your CRM has all that information that you would have otherwise.

Better Warranty & AMC Monitoring

Now you can remain more aware about your customer's AMC/Warranty details and accordingly create, renew and stop their Warranty/AMC cover. Users can refer to the preloaded rate-charts (specifying the rate of various AMC/Warranty packages), based on which the customer's Warranty/AMC can be upgrade directly from the system.

Active Popup Reminders

Get a view of all your pending/in-process leads right on your dashboard!

Eazy CRM V2.0 active popup reminders keep on providing you active popup alerts regarding the current status of all the leads assigned to your subordinates. It helps you actively keep a track on all your assigned leads and take further actions accordingly.

Stay Away from the Hassle of Remembering Multiple Login Details

Users can login to their CRM accounts by using their Gmail Login credentials; they don't have to remember separate login credentials to login to their CRM accounts.